Modern Flower Power

Modern Flower Power

I’ve always loved decorating ever since my mom showed me how fun and rewarding it was to get to pick all the pieces out and fill the space with things you love or inspire you. I will never forget the first room project my mom and I decorated. It was for my room in 6th or 7th grade (2003). We had just gotten back from our first trip to Hawaii, and I was in love with all things Hawaii after that trip that I wanted a whole Hawaiian themed room. My mom was super into decorating, so she let me pick things out for a legit Hawaiian themed room. I remember the bright red comforter that had hula girls dancing on it and my cute pineapple pillow that went on my cool futon bed ( I wanted more room for activities). I remember also getting this huge glass desk from icing at Barton Creek Mall that probably didn’t match the theme but she let me get it anyways. Growing up I always watched my mom decorate for each and every holiday with themed placemats and for fall she would decorate the front yard with the cutest scarecrows. My mom was super creative with that being anything from scrapbooking to making her own curtains and topiaries. One of her regrets was that she didn’t get her interior design degree but she always jokingly laughed and said she’s too bad at math and measuring that she never did it, which I totally understand now. After high school, I went to The Art Institute of Austin for interior design but ended up dropping out because, yup you guessed it, math and measuring (architecture class). I was like I just want to decorate things please, and also I just wasn’t in the mindset of school right after the deathly hallows of high school. I just wanted a break to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Well, I still don’t know what I’m doing with my life but I have dabbled in a few hobbyist things, and I think I’m on the right path. Do something that makes you happy and literally all I watch it HGTV or The Food Network. I have a certificate for Interior decorating so now I’m just a little more qualified to decorate people’s homes (one day). I thought I should put in some practice and start making decor mood boards to get my inspiration flying high. This decor mood board, in particular, has no budget as you can tell from the prices of the items. I love west elm, but damn they are so expensive! I want to also make some boards on a cheaper budget so its more practical for the everyday person. This board is inspired by my love of west elm mixed with the whimsicalness of lush plants and flowers and the warmth of wood. If I could have a no budget living room, it would look something like this. Maybe I would have some more manly things since I do live with my boyfriend.  He would say its too girly, and I would agree.

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